Burmese Curly Frontals - Bundles and Drops of Glam

Burmese Curly Frontals

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Step into sophistication with our Burmese Curly Frontals. Immerse yourself in luxurious curls that frame your face flawlessly. Designed for versatility, these frontals deliver a natural look that complements your style with grace and authenticity.

HD Lace. 100% Raw Myanmar (Burma) No fillers or fibers. Customized for your favorite texture.

Lace Love: Closure & Frontal Care Tips 🌟 Keep the Lace Fab, Always! 🌟 1. Gentle Handling: Handle with care to avoid tangling or damaging the delicate lace. 2. Cleanse Cautiously: Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse without compromising the lace's integrity. 3. Conditioning Charm: Apply a light conditioner to keep the lace soft and manageable, ensuring a natural look. 4. Drying Delicately: Pat dry with a soft towel; avoid rubbing to prevent fraying or loosening of the lace. 5. Styling Savvy: Style with low heat settings and use a heat protectant to shield the lace from damage. 6. Trimming Tidbits: Trim any excess lace carefully for a seamless, natural blend with your hairline. 7. Storage Secrets: Store flat or hang on a wig stand to maintain shape and prevent tangling or creasing. 8. Routine Refresh: Refresh with a gentle comb or brush to detangle and maintain the lace's appearance. Keep your lace closures and frontals in tip-top shape for a flawless look every time! 💕

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