Blonde 613 Frontals | Straight | Bundles and Drops of Glam
Blonde 613 Frontals - Bundles and Drops of Glam
Blonde 613 Frontals - Bundles and Drops of Glam

Blonde Straight 613 HD Frontals

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Enhance your look...

with our 100% human hair Blonde Straight 613 HD Frontals that are tangle-free and pre-plucked with baby hairs on HD lace. Choose to wear this popular blonde shade as is or transform it with exotic colors. Our Blonde 613 Collection offers stunning textures to fulfill all your hair goals.

100% Human hair.

Lace Love: Closure & Frontal Care Tips

🌟 Keep the Lace Fab, Always! 🌟

1. Gentle Handling:
Handle with care to avoid tangling or damaging the delicate lace.

2. Cleanse Cautiously:
Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse without compromising the lace's integrity.

3. Conditioning Charm:
Apply a light conditioner to keep the lace soft and manageable, ensuring a natural look.

4. Drying Delicately:
Pat dry with a soft towel; avoid rubbing to prevent fraying or loosening of the lace.

5. Styling Savvy:
Style with low heat settings and use a heat protectant to shield the lace from damage.

6. Trimming Tidbits:
Trim any excess lace carefully for a seamless, natural blend with your hairline.

7. Storage Secrets:
Store flat or hang on a wig stand to maintain shape and prevent tangling or creasing.

8. Routine Refresh:
Refresh with a gentle comb or brush to detangle and maintain the lace's appearance.

Keep your lace closures and frontals in tip-top shape for a flawless look every time! 💕

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