Conditioning Collection - Bundles and Drops of Glam

Conditioning Collection

 Indulge in Nature's Exquisite Harmony for Silken Tresses & Majestic Beards

The Conditioning Collection by Drops of Glam is more than just hair care, it's a love affair with nature. Every product within this line promises to transform your hair and beard care routine into an exquisite experience. Immerse yourself, and let the glam shine through naturally!

Detangle Smoothie: The true essence of a hassle-free hair experience, our Detangle Smoothie is the perfect remedy for knotty affairs. Infused with nature-inspired elements, this blend smoothly sails through every tangle, turning your hair into a soft cascade ready for any style. The velvety texture and aromatic scent wrap your strands in luxurious care, making every application a pampering ritual.

Herbal Mint Revitalizer: Embark on an invigorating journey with the Drops of Glam Herbal Mint treatment. A harmonious blend of minty freshness and therapeutic herbs, this elixir stimulates the scalp and breathes life into every strand. The burst of coolness awakens tired hair, imparting a natural shine and vivacity that lasts all day.

Mango Butter Masque with Dead Sea Minerals: Unearth the magic of the Dead Sea combined with the tropical lushness of mangoes. This masque is a luxurious treat for hair in desperate need of revitalization. The rich mango butter deeply moisturizes, while the treasured Dead Sea minerals work to strengthen and replenish. Each application is a dive into nature's spa, resulting in hair that's lustrously soft and resilient.

Hair & Beard Charcoal Conditioning Mask: Tailored for both the crowning glory and the regal beard, this conditioning mask is a game-changer. Activated charcoal ensures a deep, detoxifying cleanse, ridding hair and beard of pollutants and grime. The conditioning agents, true to their natural origin, leave both hair and beard feeling soft, manageable, and with a sheen that speaks of impeccable care.


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