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Tamera Sanders

CEO of Bundles Of Glam, The Glam Suite, Drops Of Glam, and Hello Beard.
"If you are not invited to the party, throw your own."
~Diahann Carroll~

Hello Gorgeous!

I'm Tamera Sanders, born in Third Ward and raised in Hiram Clarke, Houston, Texas. I honed my skills in cosmetology at HCC and furthered my training under the mentorship of Jon Henderson, a renowned hair colorist in Houston. His expertise not only taught me about hairstyling but also instilled in me the importance of using clean hair care products. Armed with knowledge, I ventured into the world as a freelance hairstylist.

Despite my extensive search, I couldn't find a product line that matched the quality and effectiveness of what I had experienced with Jon Henderson. Determined to fill this gap, I delved into studying natural ingredients suitable for textured hair, with a focus on promoting healthy hair growth without compromising on cleanliness. This journey coincided with the birth of my beautiful daughter, who struggled with allergies and eczema, particularly on her scalp. Refusing to resort to steroid creams, I began concocting natural remedies to alleviate her condition.

In 2012, fate brought me together with a chemist who shared my vision. Together, we formulated a line of products using the natural ingredients I had researched. Although the term "vegan" wasn't as prevalent then as it is today, our focus remained on creating clean, natural solutions for hair care.

Navigating the world of marketing proved challenging for me, compounded by my reluctance to showcase my personality. Despite this, I persisted until I felt overwhelmed and halted production, resolving to return when I had a better grasp on marketing strategies.

In 2020, just before the pandemic, I found myself disillusioned with the quality of hair extensions available and decided to offer superior alternatives to my clients. Through extensive research and the guidance of mentors, I sourced the finest hair extensions, unknowingly laying the groundwork for what would become a significant aspect of my business.

When the pandemic forced the closure of salons, my clients reached out, seeking products for at-home use. It was then that inspiration struck—revive my original product line.

And so, I am thrilled to introduce Drops of Glam—a non-toxic, vegan-friendly product line designed to detoxify hair while promoting growth and moisture retention.

As a cosmetologist, I understand the importance of detoxifying the hair and scalp to achieve optimal results. Healthy hair begins with a clean foundation.

Investing in a self-care routine for your hair and scalp not only enhances your physical appearance but also contributes to your mental well-being. By nurturing yourself, you radiate positivity to the world around you, enabling you to be the best version of yourself—for yourself and for others.

Welcome to the world of Bundles and Drops of Glam, where clean beauty meets exceptional results so you can Live Life Glamorously.