The Difference Between Raw and Virgin Hair Extensions

The Difference Between

Raw and Virgin Hair Extensions

The hair industry is certainly one of the most lucrative and controversial industries in the world right now. Wigs, extensions, and sew-ins are the order of the day. 

 And just like with every high-demand industry, misconceptions, and confusion may begin to arise. One common confusion in the hair industry is the difference between raw hair and virgin hair. 

So, let's talk about the difference between raw hair and virgin hair. 


Differences Between Raw and Virgin Hair Extensions


As popular knowledge, human hair is from donors. Raw hair is from a single donor, meaning that it is from one person. 

Virgin hair, on the other hand, is from multiple donors. The manufacturers who sell virgin hair usually collect hairs from different donors and refine them together to create virgin hair. 



Virgin hair is chemically processed. This simply means it will go through a certain process that involves different chemicals to get it to the final look. And this is why virgin hair usually feels different. 

Some virgin hair can feel silky, medium, or high luster. This is because they've all undergone different kinds of chemical processing. 

Unlike virgin hair, Raw hair isn't chemically processed. It is 100% clean and natural. This is why raw hair usually has lower to medium luster just like the hair on your head. Bundles and Drops of Glam researched the best South Indian Hair vendors. All their Raw hair has undergone testing and cleansing to bring you the most sought out hair in the world.

Steamed Hair 

Steamed hair involves using steam to create a curl pattern from the hairs root to the tip. Now this is a process only virgin hair undergoes, as only it's curls are handmade. 

Steamed virgin hair is very good as it doesn't contain chemicals as other virgin hairs. 

If you're looking to add some amazing steamed virgin hair to your collection, then the Virgin Luxe Hair Collectionfrom Bundles and Drops of Glam is all you need. There were no chemicals used in the production of this hair, it has a natural and bounce. This hair is bound to give you a glamorous experience. 

Bundles and Drops of Glam offer a variety of steamed virgin hair. All in different textures, colors, and very high quality. 

Initially, virgin hair used to be the purest form of human hair in the hair market. But when manufacturers started chemically processing it to achieve different patterns and colors, it's meaning had to be changed. 

And this is why raw hair is the purest form of hair ever, as it is completely clean and unprocessed. 

Sometimes, people try to differentiate between both kinds of hair via their quality. But this can be a little tricky as both raw and virgin hair come in varying qualities. However, after a few shampoos’ virgin hair may start to become stiff but raw hair would remain the same. 



Since raw hair is unprocessed, it is a little difficult to maintain just like your hair. Raw hair responds to products, heat, and other kinds of manipulation as your hair would.  

Virgin hair is easier to maintain and care, due to the process of manufacturing. 


Hair Patterns 

Raw hair is limited to only natural hair patterns like body wave, straight, and curly. Raw hair is only available in hair textures that are limited to natural hair patterns. 

While Virgin hair comes in several hair patterns like water wave, kinky straight, body wave, loose wave, kinky curls, and spanish wave. Virgin hair aims to mimic the hair patterns of every kind of hair known to man. 


Hair Color 

Raw hair comes only in natural hair colors. So, you can only get it in black, brown, grey(rare) red(rare), and blonde(rare). 

Virgin hair comes in more colors, including natural colors. This is one of the easiest ways to tell the difference between raw and virgin hair. Virgin hair is chemically processed, so during production it can be dyed to any color of choice, hence its color variety. 

We hope this information help you determine the difference between raw and virgin hair extensions. Lucky for you. We provide both raw and virgin hair extensions at






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