Your Hair Growth Journey

I have been a Cosmetologist for over 28 years, and I always hear this question. “Is my hair growing??” I want to say this once and for all. “YOUR HAIR IS ALWAYS GROWING IF YOU HAVE ACTIVE FOLLICLES.”  In order to see your hair growth progress, you must treat your hair with a lot of love. Feed, hydrate, protect your hair and scalp. The Cosmetologist is not the only person that should be taking care of your hair. You must do your self-care routine for your hair.

Cosmetologist are trained to diagnose what your hair needs to keep it healthy. Of course, you want a beautiful hairstyle, but sometimes your hair can weaken with excess of chemicals, heat and over styling.

Trimming your dead split ends are extremely important. The reason why it is so important is because your hair will continue to split, like when you peel a banana. Split ends cannot hold moisture. Your hair will continue to break because it is dry and brittle. You will never see the hard work you put into your hair without getting a good pruning.

Find a fabulous Cosmetologist or Barber for professional services and add Drops of Glam to your self-care routine and enjoy your hair growth journey.

Remember to grow glamorously and self-care is the ultimate form of love.

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