How To Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

How To Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Just like you'd care for your hair so it can blossom, you must care for your hair extensions. Sure, they are not your hair, but they need care, nonetheless. 

Proper care will ensure your extensions last longer, remain lush and look as natural as possible. So, if you've been wondering how to properly care for your hair extensions, this article is for you. 


Four Ways to Care for your Hair Extensions 

Shampoo and Condition 

This is certainly the most vital step of all. Now bear in mind that extensions are not your hair, even though they're attached to your head. So don't just use any regular old shampoo and conditioner. 

When picking your shampoo and conditioner avoid the ones that contain alcohol and sulfates, so they don't dry out the hair. Also, remember to wash with only cool to warm water that is free from chlorine and salt. 

It's advisable to use a sulfate free shampoo like Lush Hydrating Shampoo and moisturizing conditioner like Detangle Smoothie Conditioner from Bundles and Drops of Glam. Hair extensions come in varieties, from clip-ins, and sew-ins, to micro links. Each of these varieties requires a specific type of care. 


Silk, Satin, or Bonnet

It is so much easier to just dive into bed but not when you have hair extensions in. Diving into bed with no care for your extensions will result in a hot mess the next morning. 

So, what you want to do is gently brush where the extension meets your hair. And then wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head or a bonnet and ensure its secured tightly.  

 Use Just Enough Products

The temptation to use so many products is quite strong, but you'd be doing your extensions more damage than good. 

Too much of everything is bad, the same logic applies to hair extensions. We suggest a heat protectant like, Silk Press Serum to, when you apply heat on your hair extensions. 

Different hair products are required to keep each texture of extension healthy. 

 For wavy hair extensions, it is best to use curling mousses and products that prevent frizz and add moisture. Some good product options are Drops of Glam Keratin Silk Moisturizer and Styling Foam

These styling products will certainly give your hair the moisture, and the proper care it deserves. And noteworthy, they are natural and vegan friendly. 

If you're using kinky or coily extensions, a little water every day, some styling gel, and curling mousse would do the trick. The perfect way to stretch and enhance your coils is with Mango Mojito Styling Gel.

Please note: Hydration is very important for extensions. So, you can use a moisturizing mask on your hair once a week and use hydrating serums and oils daily, to retain softness. 


Don't Forget to Brush 

Brushing is essential when caring for extensions. First, find a brush that's suitable for the type of extension you are currently carrying. Then when brushing firmly hold the part of the extension attached to your head and then brush for example, with Drops of Glam Detangling Brush

You must start from the ends of the extension and then gently make your way to the top. Do not Tug or pull on your hair extensions. Brushing them haphazardly can cause stress on your extensions and your hair. So, you must be gentle. 



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