How To Figure Out Your Curl Type

How To Figure Out Your Curl Type

Figuring out one's curl type is certainly no easy task. Especially since one can have multiple curl types on the same head. Some parts could have loose curls and others could be thick curls that wrap around themselves.

But one way on how to figure out your curl type is to check when your hair is wet. Now before you do this bear in mind there are four major categories if hair:

The Type 1s(straight), the Type 2s(wavy), the Type 3s(curly), and Type 4s(coily). Now these types are further broken-down sub sections (A - C) that are characterized by their width/diameter.

So, to properly identify each curl and figure out your curl type, let's breakdowns each type of curl.

Type 2

2A - Soft Wave

This type of hair has no curls. This hair grows straight down from the crown and the curves toward the end, hence the name.

This hair type is normally easy to style and comb. All this hair needs are hair products that give it a bit of volume so it can look alive.

2B - Wavy

2B starts out straight but begins to form large waves from the crown. This type of hair is similar to 2A, but it contains more waves and is frizzier.

Products used for this kind of hair should focus on keeping the waves soft and firm to prevent the frizz from getting out of hand. And to prevent the hair from drying out.

2C - Deep Wave

Unlike wavy hair, 2C hair is characterized by small to medium waves that take the shape of the letter S. This type of hair is easily mistaken for curly hair but if you look closely, it has no springs. And this is a major feature for curly hair.

Of all wavy hairs, the deep wave is the most frizz-prone of all. The best products to use for definition in Type 2 series is Keratin Silk Moisturizer.


Type 3

3A - Soft Curly

This type is packed with large soft curls that twirl down from the crown. Soft curly hair is filled with bouncy springs and is full of life.

Of all curly hair types, this requires the least work. It's easy to style and manipulate as long as it's properly taken care of. Hair products used on this hair should be focused on adding shine and keeping curls intact.

3B - Curly

This type of hair is much fuller than 3A. It has medium to small spiral curls that are wrapped around each other.

Now this hair requires extra care as even the littlest mistake can affect the bounciness and richness of these curls.

3C - Ultra Curly

This hair has smaller curls that are densely packed. These curls come in really tight corkscrews that can either be really defined or come in looser forms.

This hair has so much volume and this is why frizziness is quite common with this hair type. Products for this type of hair should focus on keeping it moisturized and keeping the curls in place. The best products to use for curl definition in Type 3 series are Curl Defining Custard and Styling Foam.

Type 4

4A - Coily

This hair type features thick very short springed tight S-shaped curls/coils. 4A requires a lot more care in comparison to curly hair. 4A normally deals with a bit of shrinkage and dryness.

A hair care routine for coily hair should consist of a leave-in conditioner and a curling cream/mousse. All thus help to keep the hair soft and moisturized.

4B - Z-coils

This type of coily hair is packed with dense and sharp coils. These coils are shaped like a Z.

This type of hair has a similar routine to 4A, although you may want to add extra products for extra hydration and easy manipulation.

4C - Zigzag

This hair is very similar to 4B, but its coils are much tighter, have a zig zag nature and sometimes harder to spot. 4C coils are also very fragile.

4C hair is prone to dryness, breakage, and shrinkage so products used on this hair should target those problems. The best products to use for curl definition and retention in Type 4 series are Keratin Silk Moisturizer, Styling Foam and Mango Mojito Styling Gel.


To identify which curl pattern your hair belongs, you may have to sacrifice a few strands. Once you cut those strands, soak them up, watch as they dry and take the shape of the hair type, they fall into.

Now you know the best styling products for your hair type.

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