Drops of Glam

Drops Of Glam is actually a comeback kid. I developed this wonderful product in the year of 2012. I created a product for my daughter suffering with eczema and dermatitis. I realized this will help so many people, but I wanted more out of my product and studied natural ingredients that would also promote hair growth and repair. After several years in the making, I created a solution-based product line for your hair and scalp.

Drops of Glam is now a superfood for your hair and scalp! Drops Of Glam is all-natural and promotes hair regrowth by stimulating follicles, delivering essential fatty acids, nutrients to the hair and scalp. Ingredients like hempseed oil, rich in omega 3,6 and 9. It is 90% of your hair keratin.

Rosehip oil repair damaged hair and renew scalp tissue. Neem oil, an herb to treat hair loss and help your follicles become stronger to encourage hair growth. You must have castor in your growth oil which promotes circulation. Notable mentions, grapeseed oil, argan oil, cucumber extract, guava and honeydew. Let me tell you, Drops Of Glam smells so good and it is lightweight on your hair! It smells and feel like a tropical breeze. Your hair growth journey should smell as good as the results. I am proud to say, mission accomplished.

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