Custard, Gel, or Cream for Curl Retention

Custard, Gel, or Cream for Curl Retention

Every curly-haired individual knows searching for products to help with curl retention is like searching for hidden treasures.

There are so many products in the market from custards to gels to creams. All claim to work wonders on curly hair. Well, if you've been scouring the internet for weeks wondering if adding either custard, cream or gel would do your curls justice, this article is for you.

Hair Custard

A hair custard is a styling product that aims to hydrate, hold, and define the curls on one's hair. Some people would say it's like the sweet spot where creams and gels meet. But most people prefer hair custard to gel.

This is because some gels don't add definition to your coils and curls. They only capture your hair's curl pattern. And can sometimes expose the hair to flakes, dryness, and frizz.

If you have curls and coils, a hair custard is certainly one product you should consider adding to your hair collection.

Best Custard for Curl Retention

Drops Of Glam Curl Defining Custard

This custard for curl definition is certainly one of the best out there. This Curl Defining Custard is infused with protein and gives your hair the curl it deserves with absolutely no crunch or dryness.

This custard also contains mango and tangerine butter. Bergamot and wheat protein keeps your curl smooth, hydrated, defined, and strong. This custard is great for all hair types, from wavy, and curly to coily.

Drops Of Glam custard is also vegan-friendly and contains no PEGs, dyes, mineral oils, silicone, and parabens.

Hair Gels

This is certainly the most popular curl retention product in every curly-haired girl's stash. Hair gels come in a gel consistency, spray form, or liquid form.

To get the best out of hair gels, it is best you apply them to your wet curls. However, hair gels don't always give curls definition, and this is why some people prefer custards to gels.

Hair gel is also used for what is called “crunching.” This is when you bunch up strands of hair to boost any curl or wave in the hair. In other words, it helps to give the hair more volume.

Best Gel for Curl Retention

Mango Mojito Styling Gel

This tropical-scented hair gel Infused with Moroccan argan oil, wheat protein, and aloe vera juice keeps your curls looking smooth, shiny, and healthy all day. The mango mojito styling gel gives your hair definition and manageability, while still ensuring it's moisturized.

This styling gel is also very light and will give the hair a frizz and grease-free, full look. If you're not looking to add a custard to your hair routine, then this gel is the next best thing. Unlike most gels, it doesn't leave your hair looking crunchy and dry.

Hair Creams

Curl creams coat the hair with a thin film that locks in moisture, gives the hair definition, and promotes curls while allowing the hair to move freely against each other.

It's also best applied to wet hair, and in the right amount. If you apply too little, the hair may dry out and become frizzy. And if you apply too much, the hair could become too greasy.

One can use either custard, gel, or cream for curl retention. It all depends on the type of hair you have. Your hair's porosity determines how much moisture it can take and retain. High porosity hair absorbs while low porosity hair takes take time to absorb moisture, making it a bit hard for moisture and other products to penetrate.

So thick custards, cream, and gel work best for low porosity hair and curly/coily hair. While light custards, cream, and gels work best for high porosity hair and wavy hair.


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