Our Story

Tamera Sanders/CEO

Bundles Of Glam~The Glam Suite~Drops Of Glam

"If you are not invited to the party throw your own"

~Diahann Carroll~


Bundles Of Glam was created because, I was tired of clients bringing in low quality hair extensions and expecting top notch results. We have done the work to provide the best results. It starts and finishes with top quality hair extensions. They are long lasting, steam-processed and chemical-free. Our goal is to give you more time to focus on your glamorous lifestyle, instead of the quality of your hair.

Our Anthem

If you want a quick do, low maintenance and easy to rock, then girl, we got the best bundles. Come see what we got! Our bundles last long. You will not want to let them go. Just style it how you want it. Your hair will be beautiful. Come Live Life Glamorously with Bundles Of Glam. You will be on the road on the go looking glamorous. Go straight to work like a boss, looking Glamorous. Sit back and relax on vacation looking glamorous. Bundles Of Glam will make you look so glamorous!