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Tamera Sanders/CEO

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"If you are not invited to the party throw your own"

~Diahann Carroll~


                                              My story

Hello Gorgeous!

My name is Tamera Sanders I was born in Third Ward and raised in Hiram Clarke Houston Texas. I studied cosmetology at HCC and received post training from Jon Henderson. He was one of the best hair colorists in Houston Texas. I learned so much from him and about clean hair care products. I left to flourish as a freelance hairstylist.

The product line he used was only available for exclusive concept salons. I was always searching for a product line similar or better. I never could find one. I needed a product line for our curly texture and that would cleanse without drying out the hair and scalp that promote healthy hair growth.

I started studying all natural ingredients for textured hair that would be beneficial for textured hair care with real results. Within my studies I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. She suffers with allergies and eczema. Her eczema was bad on her scalp. I did not want to use steroid creams on her. I decided to blend natural ingredients to help heal her scalp.

Fast forward to 2012, I met a chemist that formulate products. I presented the ingredients I wanted in my product line, and she said the ingredients was complex, but the efficacy would be amazing. Just like that, I decided to create my own all-natural product line.

The word vegan was not popular like today. We used the word clean or natural. During that time, I was unfamiliar with marketing and extremely afraid to show my personality. Social Media was not the powerhouse it is today, it was just becoming available. I had a difficult time marketing. I felt like failure. I stopped production and said I may come back to it when I understand marketing. 

Well, right before the pandemic happened in 2020, I decided to sell hair extensions to my clients because I was tired of stinky subpar hair extensions. I researched and tested hair extensions until I found the best hair extensions for my clients. I also was surrounded by wonderful mentors and educators to guide me. Well, as you see it grew into something bigger than expected.

When the salon closed in 2020 for our safety. My clients kept calling looking for products to use on their hair and in that moment, a light bulb shined so bright above my head. Bring back your products!

I am so excited to introduce, Drops of Glam!

Drops of Glam is a vegan friendly product line that detoxifies your hair, promotes hair growth while retaining moisture.

The meaning of detox is removing or getting rid of unhealthy substances. 

As a cosmetologist, detoxing the hair and scalp is the most important part of service to achieve desired results.

Healthy hair starts with clean hair and scalp.

When you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you transmit good feelings to others. Developing a self-care routine with your hair and scalp is a simple way to invest into your mental and physical health, so you can be your best self for you and the world.