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Hair Care, Accessories and Apparel


      Once you leave the salon, you need the right tools for at home maintenance. Bundles of Glam has got you covered.

      If you’re tired of losing your bonnet and wrap overnight, then rely on Bundles of Glam Satin Bonnet and Wrap. The Satin bonnet easily fit over your hair and is equipped with ties to keep it on all night long. The Satin Wrap is lightweight, refined and elegant. Simple satin that feel luxurious and appealing. Perfect for protecting your edges, keeping your hair sleek and glamorous. Bundles Of Glam soft satin bonnet will lock in your hair’s moisture and protect your style as you sleep, without tugging and pulling on your edges.   

      When you are looking for easy but glamorous style, look no further than this soft, cotton Bundles Of Glam T-shirt. Enjoy it in all-day comfort. For added customization, you can enjoy either white or black. Both will make the logo pop with a gold glitter crown! 

      We love the look and feel of real mink lashes, but do not like the unethical practices, faux mink ones were made! These are created from a synthetic material called PBT that is cruelty-free and very durable. Some highlights of using faux mink lashes are:

      • Cruelty-free
      • Lightweight, but not as lightweight as the real deal
      • Soft
      • Wider variety of lash styles

      You can still have natural looking lashes if you choose faux mink. You can also have fuller, fluffier, and more dramatic styles.


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